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Japanese Sustainable Farming Translation Services

Sustainable farming is a broad, multidisciplinary field that seeks to feed the world's population through good management of natural resources and sustainable agricultural methods. In Japan, the recent decline in the number of satoyamas (里山), or community forests and landscapes that are used for agriculture, has caused concern.

Recent crises such as Avian Flu, BSE/CJD and issues such as the use of genetically modified organisms highlight the complexity and importance of the agricultural debate on biosafety and food management issues.

Often these issues are multinational, and consequently language barriers may hinder the planning of solutions and development of new methods.Here at The Japanese Connection we have the resources to be able to offer professional and accurate Japanese sustainable farming translation for our clients.


Our sustainable farming translation services cover areas such as:


Rainforest Utilisation

Animal and Livestock Husbandry

Cereal and Vegetable Production

Ground Fertilizer Utilisation

Breeding and Development

Dairy Production

Agricultural Processing Analysis

Farmers Market Management

Cotton, Wool, Hemp, Silk Production

Ground Pesticide Utilisation

Farming Waste Management

Nursery Plant Management

Water Contamination Prevention  

Food Waste Management

Wheat, Corn, Maize, Rice Production

Insect and Disease Control

Poultry Production

Meat and Fruit Production


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