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The Japanese Connection’s qualified and experienced Japanese court interpreters have the expertise to manage communications inherent to all types of law. They are familiar with the format, conventions, procedures and requirements of court interpreting, and will deliver a skilled and professional Japanese interpreting service.

The Japanese Connection can provide experienced and professional Japanese court interpreters for one-off occasions and long-term assignments. They have an extensive command of legal terminology ensuring glitch-free court interpreting whatever the context.

We can provide assistance for court cases of various lengths, providing both short-term and long-term support. Our Japanese court interpreters and translators are also happy to work outside of court, for criminal cases; depositions; witness preparation; pre-trial meetings between attorneys, solicitors, barristers and clients and interviews with court personnel.


What sets the Japanese Connection's Japanese Court Interpreters apart? 

  • All our deposition interpreters are native Japanese speakers. Something that perhaps should be taken for granted but with other language providers is not always the case. 

  • They have long-term experience, often between 10-15 years, in deposition and legal interpretation, as well as professional qualifications to match, ensuring language support of the highest quality you can rely on every time. 

  • They combine advanced language skills with expertise in their chosen industry meaning they can offer a bespoke service to match your requirements.

  • By supplying such high-quality language support, we have earned the trust of hundreds of international law firms, governmental institutions, private companies and much other public and private organisations. To find out more about our previous clients, please click here.

High Court

Crown Court

Civil Court

Magistrates' Court

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State Court

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European Court of Human Rights

Locations covered by our Japanese Court Interpreters


About Japanese Court Interpreting 

Interpreting in court during a trial is, in many cases, vital for the just application of the law, and interpreters and translators used by the court are increasingly crucial in all forms of court settings. 

At times the accessibility of the law is made difficult by language barriers between parties, and legal protocol can only be followed by employing court interpreters.

If such difficulties arise, The Japanese Connection’s qualified and experienced Japanese court interpreters can handle the correspondence and communications inherent to all types of law, from the property, contract and international disputes in courts across the world.

Our Japanese Court interpreters can cover the following areas:

Attorney / Advocate   

Patent & Commercial disputes

Professional Malpractice

International Disputes 

Civil / Criminal / Tribunal      

Licensing & Outsource Agreements

Simultaneous / Consecutive services


Antitrust Suits

Court Proceedings & Hearings

Court Transcriptions

Legal Depositions

Arbitration / Litigation 


Shipping/Maritme, Patent, IP & others

Looking for Japanese language assistance in another field? 

The Japanese Connection provides specialist interpreting and translation services in many specialist fields. Whatever your requirement, we can find the right Japanese linguist to assist you. If your industry or project type is not listed here, please contact us directly with your enquiry.

Our language specialists utilise their knowledge of subject-specific terminology to deliver precise, unambiguous translations, whatever the context - enabling you to communicate effectively with the rest of the world. We are also able to adapt to almost any type of project.

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