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Japanese non profit interpreters

A non-profit organisation (NPO) is a legally constituted organisation whose objective is to support or engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit. NPOs play an important role in promoting social-based awareness and governance throughout the world. In Japan, NPOs in all fields, such as environmental (e.g. Friends of the Earth Japan), community (e.g. Group Kiki), and agricultural (e.g. the Nippon Ecology Network) are continuing to grow and mature, becoming more active as players in bringing about social change in Japan,as well as establishing strategic partnerships between the non-profit sector and businesses and government.

With this global scope, non-profit organizations are often dependent upon translation services for the eradication of any language barriers which may constrict their vital work. With The Japanese Connection’s range of professional translators, located both in Japan and across the globe, we can offer comprehensive translation services for non-profit organisation-related interpreting enquiries. Our wide range of Japanese translators, covering numerous expert disciplines, can assist Japanese NPOs in many aspects of their vital work.

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Charities must reach out across linguistic barriers to communicate with everyone and raise awareness of all resources available. With years of experience providing translation for charities, our translation services can assist Japanese charities to overcome language barriers.

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A vital part of the Japanese NPO sector, development agencies play a key role in assisting the less fortunate. When dealing with issues as important as humanitarian aid, poverty alleviation and social development, it is crucial that language is not a barrier in any situation.

Our Japanese language NPO translation service covers areas such as:

Business Meetings


Research Work

Advocacy Groups


Social Work


Legal Matters



Media / Promotional Work


Educational Institutions

Health Organisations

Books on Humanitarian Issues

Field Work



Humanitarian Work

Trade Associations

Flyers / Information