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Japanese History Translation Services

History is a broad and diverse term which refers to events which took place in the past, as well as the discovery, collection, organization and presentation of these events in a number of different mediums, including historical texts and journals. The term ‘history’ is an umbrella term which includes in its span, most commonly, human history, but also cosmic, geologic and organic history.

The field of historical research is often concerned with historical texts and also new media such as sound recordings and motion pictures, which are often in multiple languages and dialects. To ensure good cross-linguistic communication, translators are often called upon to ensure nothing is lost in translation. With a strong network of high-quality translators and interpreters with native-level understanding of Japanese, as well as expertise in areas as diverse as historiography, anthropology, and archaeology, The Japanese Connection can accommodate all your translation and interpreting needs.

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Japan and history

The history of Japan encompasses the history of the islands of Japan and the Japanese people, spanning the developments in the region from ancient times, passing through the Classical, then Feudal periods, onto the Meiji period during which Japan became transformed from an undeveloped island country into a world power. In more recent times, the history of Japan follows the country’s participation in two world wars, post-war and modern-day Japan.

Our Japanese history translation service covers areas such as:


Cultural History

Diplomatic History

Economic History

Written Records

Philosophy of History


Methodology & Research

Social Sciences

Journal Articles



Environmental History

World History

People’s History

Gender History


Historical Methods

Quantitative History