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Japanese Government & Public Sector Translation 

Government policy discussions often involve extensive research, and can involve the compilation of comparative studies or trend data collected from several countries across the EU or even the world. One of the most notable features of Japan's public sector is the predominant role that is played by the Treasury system, which supervises the budget of the central government as well as other funds including the Postal Savings Funds and the funds of public corporations. In the Japanese public sector, there has been an increasing need for central and local government to interpret and incorporate multilingual content into multilingual governmental correspondence.

Our Japanese translators at The Japanese Connection can assist in these processes. In some cases we participate at an early stage of a project, such as email correspondences regarding appointments with governmental institutions or the public sector for our clients. We also provide translation services for documents for meetings, conferences and briefings. 

We have experts in relevant sectors such as law, politics, economics and education for your specific project. We understand that for political issues, there are layers of complexity, particularly on issues of security and privacy. Our translators employ specific glossaries of terminology to give consistent and solid translations and many hold DPSI and equivalent qualifications in public service translation.

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At the Japanese Connection, our highly experienced Japanese language translators can assist with your policy management related enquiries, from policy analysis to economic development.

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Drawing on theories and concepts from such fields as economics, political science, sociology and administrative law, public administration is an area in which The Japanese Connection can help you with.