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Japanese Ecology Interpreting

Ecology is an interdisciplinary field, drawing upon elements of biology and Earth science in its research.

Progression in the field has been made possible by research from a number of nations, including Japan, where Kinji Imanishi developed his concepts of harmony in nature and habitat segregation in the 1950s. 

However, the scientific recognition of contributions to ecology from non-English-speaking cultures can often be hampered by language and translation barriers. In such cases, The Japanese Connection’s wide and diverse network of high quality translators, many of whom have a background in ecological matters or qualifications in this particular field, can help you with any ecological-related enquiries for which you require translation assistance.


About Ecology

Ecology is a science which studies the relationships between living organisms and their natural environment. Ecology is a broad field, encompassing such topics as the composition, distribution, biomass (amount) of organisms, and their changing states and movements within their ecosystems. Processes that take place within ecosystems, such as primary production, pedogenesis and nutrient recycling, help to regulate the flow of energy through that environment, sustained and maintained by its biodiversity (the variety of species and genetic variations of species in an ecosystem).

Our Japanese ecology interpreting service covers areas such as:


Chemical Ecology

Landscape Ecology

Earth Science

Dialectal Naturalism

Sustainable Development


Nutrient Recycling


Natural Resource Management

Metapopulations and Migration

Environmental Impact Assessments

Restoration Ecology

Ecosystem Engineering

Population Ecology


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