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Japanese Wind Power Interpreters

Wind power converts wind energy into a functional form, such as electricity, using wind turbines. In Japan, wind power generates a small but increasing proportion of the country's electricity, as the installed capacity has been growing in recent years.

With the energy constraints facing our world today, wind power has become one of the most important global issues.  Because this is a global issue that requires the communication and cooperation of many different countries, sometimes language barriers can arise, making progress difficult. Over the past 25 years, The Japanese Connection has created an extensive network of expert interpreters with a native-level understanding of Japanese who can assist you with any language barriers you encounter in the renewable energy field. Many of The Japanese Connection’s interpreters are specialists in particular fields, including wind power energy, enabling us to select the best Japanese interpreter to provide you with accurate interpreting, regardless of the detail and level of technical, industry-specific terminology.

Wind power in Japan 

Japan has a number of notable wind farms, including the Shin Izumo Wind Farm and the Nunobiki Plateau Wind Farm, with plans to build a pilot floating wind farm, with six 2-megawatt turbines, off the Fukushima coast. Since the 2011 Japanese nuclear accidents in Fukushima, wind power has been pushed to the forefront in the Japanese –and global – debate on renewable energy as a safer and more reliable alternative energy source to meet Japan’s electricity requirements.

Our Japanese wind power energy interpretation covers areas such as:


Hydro Power

Alkyl Usage and Production

Solar Energy Management

Energy Management

Energy Conservation

Energy Act of 2008

Energy Economy

Renewable Energy Resources

Bio Mass Resources

Carbon Cycles Analysis

Bio-Tech Industry


Renewable Energy Production

Energy Resource Analysis

Hydro Energy Resource Analysis

Greenhouse Emissions Issues

Bio-Tech Industry

Resource Management


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