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Japanese Politics Interpreting Services

The study of governmental policy and legislation is an international discipline, with research generated by institutions informing governments and contributing to the wider political landscape.

With expertise in areas as diverse as public administration, geopolitics, and election processes and with over twenty-five years’ experience providing expert, high-quality interpreting and translation services, between Japanese and English and many other languages, The Japanese Connection is happy to assist you with any politics-related enquiry for which interpreting or translation assistance is required.

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Politics & Japan

The particular political setup of Japan has a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic monarchy. In this framework, the Prime Minister of Japan is the head of the Japanese government, as well as the leader of the Cabinet which directs the executive branch. Legislative power is consigned to the National Diet (国会Kokkai), which is composed of the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors, the members of which are directly elected. The Diet 国会is responsible for the selection of Japan’s Prime Minister. Japanese politics uses a multi-party system.

Our Japanese political interpretation covers areas such as:


Policy & Legislation

Public Administration


Local Government

Election Processes

Political Parties

Administrative Change

Japanese Constitution


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