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Japanese Global Warming & Climate Change Interpreting Services

With the pressures of global warming bringing environmental issues to the top of not only Japanese but global social and political agendas, talks are increasingly focused on the measures that need to be taken in order to slow the damaging effects of climate change on the planet, be it through using renewable energy sources or limiting the emissions of transportation. With the conflicting factors of increasing worldwide demand for energy, and future worries concerning non-renewable energy sources and their damaging effects on the environment, there is constant pressure on nations to ensure they have energy security for the future, and that that security is not at the expense of the planet.

It is vital that information is easily accessible between Japan and the leaders of all the world's countries, both in the developed and developing world, which is where our team of interpreters, who have a native-level understanding of Japanese, are important; we can provide an informed and accurate translation and interpreting service to our client.


About Global Warming in Japan

One of the most vigorously debated topics on Earth is the issue of climate change, bringing with it questions of responsibility and accountability. Greenhouse gas levels are higher than has ever been known; cloud forests are drying, sea levels are rising, and icecaps are melting. The results are known as global warming, a set of gradual but undeniable changes to the Earth’s climate. Japan is not excluded from the effects of global warming, and indeed, the question has been raised as to whether global warming was not in some way a contributory factor to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster.


Our global warming interpretation service covers areas such as the following:


Climate Change

Nuclear energy

Coal to gas substitution

Reducing emissions from transport

Deforestation and natural carbon sinks

Solutions in the developing world

Energy security

Biofuels and biomass

Global insurance market

Non-carbon energy sources

Stabilising Greenhouse Gases

Carbon Capture & Storage

Global Carbon Credits

Low-emissions technology

Energy security

Traffic-flow monitoring

Biofuels and biomass

Non-carbon energy sources


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