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Japanese Geo Energy Interpreting ServiceGeothermal energy can be used as a heat source, for example the heat from hot springs is used for air conditioning, greenhouses, thawing of roads, and hot water supplies. Geothermal energy can also be converted into geothermal electricity, where it is used in such technologies as dry steam power plants, flash steam power plants and binary cycle power plants. As geothermal energy emits very little carbon dioxide, it is considered to be an effective means of addressing global warming issues, along with wind and small-to-medium scale hydroelectric power.

The Japanese Connection has a large and diverse network of translators and interpreters with experience in issues of renewable energy and other global issues, as well as a long established reputation and over twenty years of experience in translation and interpreting services. This allows us to selectively source highly skilled interpreters who may also have a background or qualification in renewable and geothermal energy. 


Geothermal Energy & Japan

Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Japan is well known for its volcanoes, and for the epic earthquakes and eruptions that accompany them. Hot springs – ‘onsen’温泉- are a physical manifestation of geothermal activity, and have been used in Japan for bathing for centuries. Geothermal power has been used in Japan since the 1950s, and there are over 16 geothermal power plants in operation across Japan.

But despite Japan’s location above the world’s third largest reserve of geothermal resources (after the USA and Indonesia), only one percent of Japan’s energy output is produced by geothermal power, due to high investment costs and the protection of natural scenery at onsen 温泉 sites. However, with two more state of the art geothermal plants due to open in 2015 and 2020, this figure is set to increase as Japan utilises the potential of one of its most powerful but overlooked natural resources.

Our geothermal energy interpreting service covers areas such as:

Geothermal heating

Geothermal electricity

Thermal efficiency

Solar heating solutions

Government policies

Global warming issues


Alternative energy projects

Renewability & sustainability

Hydrothermal circulation

Hot springs & geysers

Geothermal power plants

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