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Carbon Emissions & Carbon Capture Japanese Interpreting Services

At The Japanese Connection, we can offer translation and interpreting services to assist you in any carbon emissions or carbon capture-related needs you may have.

The pressures of global warming have brought environmental issues to the top of not only the Japanese, but international agenda. Global conferences are increasingly focused on the measures that need to be taken in order to slow the damaging effects on the planet of climate change.

It is vital that such information is easily accessible to leaders across the globe, which is where The Japanese Connection’s team of Japanese language interpreters, who have a native-level understanding of Japanese, are important: we can provide an informed and accurate interpreting service to our clients.


About Carbon Emissions & Carbon Capture 

Carbon capture and storage alleviates the effects of fossil fuel emissions on the planet’s atmosphere. A technique used in Japan and across the world, carbon capture is based on capturing carbon dioxide from, for example, fossil fuel power plants. Indeed, Japan is currently researching to convert non-renewable brown coal into cleaner-burning synthetic gas. Carbon capture and storage also refers to the scrubbing of CO2 from ambient air as a geoengineering technique, as well as biological techniques such as biochar burial, which use trees, plankton, etc. to capture CO2 from the air.

Carbon dioxide emissions, which come from burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, create the largest man-made contribution to the greenhouse effect, which is what is slowly, yet persistently, warming our globe, increasing the frequency of ecological and natural disasters. In Japan, carbon emissions have risen sharply since the closure of its nuclear plants after the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in 2011, necessitating a return to carbon-rich fossil fuels to make up the resultant energy gap. As such, thoughts have turned towards a rapid and drastic reduction in Japan’s carbon emission levels in order to mitigate the effects of global warming.

Other useful related terms

Carbon trading schemes are an attempt to reduce carbon emissions by recognising that the full cost of these emissions is greater than the price of the goods or service. Carbon trading calculates the ‘private cost’ and ‘external cost’ of fuel use, where ‘private costs’ signify the actual cost of fuel used by the consumer, and the ‘external cost’ is the actual cost to the environment, i.e. damage to future generations, other countries, and the planet. These costs are added together, thus monetizing carbon emissions. Japan is also involved in carbon trading schemes, for example, the Tokyo metropolitan trading scheme, launched in 2010, in which Tokyo city sets emissions limits for large factories and offices.

Carbon credits are a monetised unit (one carbon credit = one tonne of CO2) which allows businesses, companies, communities, and individuals to reduce their carbon emissions output. Carbon emissions are attributed a monetary value, and as such, businesses and individuals can calculate their carbon footprints and make informed choices about how they can spend more on carbon-friendly products.

Our Japanese carbon emissions-related interpreters cover areas such as:

Carbon offset

Carbon cutting measures

Renewable energy

Non-renewable energy

Climate Change

Global warming

Kyoto protocol

Emissions trading

EU policy

Carbon capture

Climate Change Mitigation

Mineral storage

Carbon credits trading

Greenhouse Gas Reduction


Carbon market

Carbon Credits

Power stations

Clean air policy

CO2 transport

Carbon cycle rebalancing

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