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Since the disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan in 2011, thoughts have turned towards the use of alternative sources of energy in Japan, including the use of Japan’s 25 million hectares of forest for the production of bioenergy. Advocates of bioenergy suggest that the substitution of nuclear power for wood bioenergy could result in a safer society whilst providing a means of better managing the forests in Japan. The biofuel industry is slowly emerging as one of the growth economies in a climate of vastly increasing oil prices, energy security, dwindling fossil-fuels and concern over carbon emissions and their contribution to climate change. Such a debate requires communication and cooperation between many different countries. Sometimes language barriers can arise, making progress difficult, and so interpreters with a background in bioenergy are often called upon to ease these communication difficulties. 

The Japanese Connection’s twenty-five years of experience providing interpreters and translators with a native level understanding allows us to assist you with any bioenergy-related enquiries for which you require interpreting or translation.

About Bioenergy

Bioenergy is renewable energy made available from materials derived from biological sources. It includes biomass, the biological material used as a biofuel, as well as the social, economic, scientific and technical fields associated with using biological sources for energy. With the energy constraints facing our world today, bioenergy has become on of the most important global issues. Energy produced from biomass is clean, energy efficient and seen as a viable replacement for traditional fuels.

Our Japanese language bioenergy interpretation service covers areas such as:

Transesterfication Analysis

Alkyl Usage and Production

Bio-Fuel Management

Bio-diesel Management

Food Conservation

Energy Acts and Legislation

Bio-Diesel Economy

Renewable Energy Resources

Bio Mass Resources

Carbon Cycles Analysis

Bio-Tech Industry



Methane Resource Analysis

Ethanol Resource Analysis

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