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人材募集: 英国ロンドン・イギリス・ヨーロッパ、アジア、アメリカ、アフリカ、中東での通訳・翻訳・同時通訳者募集

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応募には、TJC Connect をクリックし、登録してください。 その際、登録者規定 を読み、同意の上、申し込んでください。

申込みには、履歴書(CV, or Resume)と、References ((通訳者・翻訳者・スペシャリストとして仕事をしたことのある会社・団体・または通訳翻訳に関し、あなたの実力を推薦する人達の中から2名(最低1人か 通訳翻訳に関する有資格者はその旨記載ください) の推薦状が必要ですので、まずその方々の名前、電話、E-mail連絡先等を準備し、その後オンライン登録を行なってください。(登録できない場合や履歴書をアップロードできない場合などの問題がある 場合は、ここにクリックしてご連絡ください。)  



(例:ビジネ ス会議通訳・商談・交渉・契約関連会議通訳、アテンド通訳、随行通訳、法廷裁判通訳・現場オンサイト通訳、機械・機器据付・検収等の製造現場通訳、国際会 議同時通訳・メディカル・コンフェレンス通訳、ライフサイエンス・コンフェレンス通訳、インダストリアル・コンフェレンス通訳、講演、レクチャーその他空港やホテルでのお客様のお出迎え、ホテルまでの送迎、ショッピング等のアシスタントも募集中です。)



What are we looking for? 

In general, we require our Japanese translators and interpreters to have 5 years or more experience and/or specific qualifications in specialist field/s. Some specialist fields may require a translator / interpreter to have 10 years or more experience and relevant qualifications. 

If you have fewer than 5 years' experience, there are circumstances in which we may be able to consider you as a possible candidate. These include if we have special instructions from the client or if you have a very high level of expertise in a specialist medical or scientific field. Please indicate this experience in your application. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

We require all our Japanese translators or interpreters to have considerable experience in a particular technical or specialised field such as the legal sector, technical and engineering, the medical and pharmaceutical sector, energy and environment and so on. Please indicate clearly your field/s of expertise in your CV / application as well as all your relevant translation / interpreting experience in this area. 

There are many different qualifications, associations, and registers for professional interpreters and translators around the world. A list of international translators and interpreters organisations can be found here (source: Lexicool). If you are a member of any of these associations, please indicate this in your application. 

Before sending us your application, please ensure that you have read and agree with our Terms and Conditions for translators and interpreters. In particular, please be advised that rates for translation and interpreting will be guidelines only, and subject to change depending on the nature of the assignment.

All information provided as part of the recruitment process will be kept confidential and will only be used by The Japanese Connection.

How to apply 

To apply to become a translator or interpreter for The Japanese Connection, please use our recruitment portal TJC Connect.

Here you will be asked for your name and contact details and to provide details of your qualifications, experience and membership of any professional bodies. You will then be able to upload your CV. 

Once you have uploaded your application, you will receive confirmation that this has been received. 

Please note that sending us your CV does not guarantee that you will automatically be added to The Japanese Connection's network of linguists. All applications are subject to review. You may be asked to send further details of your qualifications and experience. Please also have two references readily available as these may also be requested. 

A successful application does not mean your services will be required by The Japanese Connection immediately or on a regular basis. We will send enquiries that correspond with your language pairs and your expertise only when we receive them.  

Contact us 

Please use our application portal TJC Connect to upload your CV. Please note that we are unable to accept CVs sent via email.

If you have an urgent enquiry relating to your application (if you experience technical problems when trying to upload your CV for example) please email us at