The Japanese Connection : Serving since 1985

日英・多言語テクニカル技術関連/専門分野通訳: 世界各国で対応
Japanese Technical Interpreters 

The Japanese Connection is a world leader in providing technical interpretation services for many highly specialised and scientific industries. We have established a large and diverse network of Japanese technical interpreters over the last 30 years so are able to provide Japanese technical interpreters who are specialists with backgrounds or qualifications in many different technical fields. Their knowledge of industry specific terminology means language barriers never become an obstacle to effective communication between business partners.

We can provide Japanese technical interpreters for the following occasions: plant/factory visits; meetings and conferences; progress discussions; operator training; buy-off signing; on-site production process support; on-site staff training; quality assurance issues; CAD based design modification; ISO and other regulatory requirements. 

Our specific service fields within the Engineering Sector include:






ロンドン市内や郊外、バーミンガム、マンチェスターなど、その他イギリス全土での現地通訳支援、パリ、ジュッセルドルフ、フランクフルト、ミュンヘン、ベルリン、ローマ、ミラノ、マドリッド、バルセロナ、その他ヨーロッパ各都市、また、ドバイ、アンマン、ドーハなど中東各国、北京、上海、台湾、シンガポール、マレーシアなどアジア諸国を含め、急な海外出張や、長中期の技術テクニカル通訳、現場通訳などに週末も合わせて、いつでも英語または日本語でお気軽にご連絡ください。 折り返しご連絡を差し上げます。