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Professional Services for Japanese Business Networks

In addition to our long-established translation and interpreting Japanese language services, The Japanese Connection is pleased to offer additional support in many industries and fields, including business consulting, market research, website localisation and culture training. 

Our services can help you with the following....

  • Is your business ready to break into another country's market?
  • What is your strategy, what actions will you need to take, who will you meet with?
  • Preparing for talks with your foreign associates, for a trip to their country?
  • Interested in understanding your business partners' language, culture and society?

Technical Project Support

We have a proven track record of involvement in projects relating to many different industries. Projects have ranged from only a few days to those spanning several years. Our services in this sector include translation and interpreting both on-site and in an office environment, as well as the provision of language support for engineers, directors and even the emergency services.

Some of our past projects... 

  • Jaguar Car Project (project support with numerous translation assignments for specifications, meeting minutes and ongoing review documentation including 21 instruction Manual translation and compiling job (93-97)
  • Oxford Instruments (88-98)
  • Three Joint Ventures at Unipart Group Companies
  • London Taxis
  • Ford
  • Rolls Royce PLC
  • Toyota
  • Vauxhall
  • IBM
  • TQM (Total Quality Management) documents
  • Prodrive Ltd

Government Assigned Research / Information Gathering

We have been supporting Governmental research programmes for research purposes in many areas for over 20 years. Previous assistance has been given in obtaining interviews overseas with relevant organisations and public bodies, preparation of official correspondence, document preparation, interpreting, interview note-taking and transcription, and translation of official publications.

Website Localisation

When adapting a website for viewing in other countries or cultures, a straight word-for-word translation will not suffice. True localisation requires the content of the original website to be translated in a culturally appropriate manner. This means taking into account not only subtle differences in the language and dialect of the text, but also ensuring that the website’s content – such as images and colour schemes – are adapted to the culture of the country/region in which the website will be viewed. We offer tailored website translation and localisation into multiple languages.

Event Speakers

TJC Global can supply speakers on Japanese business, industry, markets, and culture. These can be both general in nature, or respond to a contemporary issue relevant to you. 

R&D or New Business Research

TJC has been extensively engaged in Research and Development, product launches and New Business research with many different companies over the years. With assistance provided in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, as well as a follow-up services, we can assist you with translation, interpreting and consultation from development to delivery in the marketplace.

Evaluating Commercial Viability

Many countries import a significant number of products in a variety of categories. To see if you can profit from delivering your product to the local market, we can help you by coordinating market research through interviews and focus groups. We can also draw on a substantial body of experience we have accumulated over 25 years. By fusing our intuitive understanding of local customers' requirements with rigorous analytical research, we are in a prime position to advise you on viability and feasibility.

Marketing Plans

If you have decided to supply the local market, you will find that market segments in other parts of the world and their requirements often differ substantially from their Western counterparts. We can supply you with the insights and intelligence that allow you to tailor your product and message to capture the interest of these different segments. We can also advise you on the ideal way of communicating your message in an effective and profitable manner.

Product Development and Customization

We can help you develop new products and services that meet the demands from customers you wish to enter, and to adapt existing ones to ensure both compliance and commercial success. 

Business Protocol and Etiquette

We are able to assist you with cultural and procedural necessities when first visiting a country. For example, in Japanese culture, there are more established hierarchical structures than those within England or the USA. This means that when a team of people, for example, junior management employees, are familiar with each other they must be deferential to their Japanese counterparts.

One of the most important and yet understated aspects is the protocol between colleagues on a professional and social level, for instance going out for an evening meal or playing a round of golf. The interactions can often cause anxiety and distress for both parties. We appreciate these cultural differences and provide coaching sessions and role-play (if necessary) to enhance and facilitate all interpersonal exchanges.



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