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It is important that education is not hindered by language barriers, and that cooperation between international educational authorities is possible. At The Japanese Connection we have many years of experience working within the education sector, and are able to assist you with interpretation and translation educational-related issues. Our Japanese language services are also able to cover any technical and specialist Special Needs Education-related enquiries you may have. Language barriers may make it more difficult to assess the level of special help a child needs. An inability to communicate will not help a child who is already struggling at school. Equally, it is vital that parents are able to understand assessment of their child’s special needs and that they are able to contest any Local Authority decisions.The Japanese Connection’s experienced and skilled [[SUPPLIERS]] can ensure that there are no obstacles blocking the way to smooth and clear communication between multilingual parties.


Our Japanese language [[SERVICE]] service covers areas such as:

Educational Technology


Curriculum / Syllabus


Developmental Education

Language education

Advisory Centre for Education

Special Educational Needs


Learning Community

Legal & Medical Education

University / College & Higher Eduction

Educational Psychology

Educational research

Knowledge sharing



Nurture Groups



Learning Difficulties & Disabilities

School Action

Parental Partnership Services

Identification of Special Needs


At The Japanese Connection, we have over twenty-five years of experience in translation and interpretation. We have an extensive network of translators and interpreters, all of whom are native speakers of Japanese. Furthermore, many have years of [[SERVICE]] experience within the education sector, often in accommodating those with special needs. This means that our Japanese language [[SUPPLIERS]] are familiar with the idioms and colloquialisms of the education sector and therefore can offer highly accurate interpretation with no loss of meaning. Our Japanese language [[SUPPLIERS]] are extremely professional and efficient, and are very skilled and experienced.

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