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Agriculture is a globalised industry of huge importance: before 2003 it was the economic sector which employed the most people worldwide, and in 2007 a third of the world’s workers were employed in agriculture. Plants are used to grow a diverse range of goods, from bioplastics and pharmaceuticals to biofuels and of course many foods. With such international importance, it is therefore vital that there is clear and effective communication between parties, regardless of language barriers, avoiding costly mistakes and time-wasting misunderstandings: for this reason The Japanese Connection provides a professional and established Agricultural Interpreting Service.

Our Japanese Agricultural Interpretation covers areas such as the following:

Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Processing Engineering have become important global issues. Our Japanese interpreters have the knowledge and experience to overcome any potential language barrier


From water quality to habitat reserves, The Japanese Connection's network of experienced linguists can help you with agroecological issues of productivity, stability, sustainability and equitability. fill fillfill fill


Covering nuclear, chemical, marine, civil, maritime and mechanical engineering, our language services can translate documents relating to all aspects of these industries into Japanese from English and vice versa. fill fill fill fillfill fillfill fillfill fillfill fill


Bioagriculture encompasses work in the areas of plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, and soil science. Our bioagricultural Japanese interpreters provide an essential service which is informed, reliable and accurate.


Our Japanese interpreters cover areas such as rainforest deforestation and overpopulation analysis so that parties of multiple nationalities are able to discuss these issues and forge plans for sustainable forest management in the future.

Soil Conservation

A central issue in sustainable agriculture, cooperation is needed to ensure that plans for future sustainable methods can be made and executed; language barriers may present a hindrance to the communication necessary for this to occur.

Sustainable Agriculture

Economic, environmental, and social aspects of agricultural food management are subjects of ongoing debate.Often these issues are multinational, and The Japanese Connection can ensure clarity and understanding between all parties.

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