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Japan’s vested interest in the shipping industry means that it is likely to be involved in shipping disagreements from time to time. Its multiple shipping conglomerates operate globally so it is inevitable that disputes will often be of an international nature. These may concern, among many things: ports and landing areas; damage and/or contamination of cargo; questions of safety and seaworthiness; oil pollution; transhipment; detention and demurrage; maritime property and piracy.

At The Japanese Connection, our expert Japanese shipping disputes interpreters can provide a shipping interpreting service to accommodate all your Japanese language requirements.

We are able to provide Japanese interpreters who are specialists in the shipping field with a native-level understanding of Japanese and an extensive knowledge of the procedures and technical language of litigation proceedings in the maritime sector. This ensures that our interpreting will be accurate, efficient and reliable.  

About Shipping Disputes in Japan

Japanese waters often cause territory disputes, and its insularity certainly contributes to Japanese involvement in international shipping matters. Since the shipping industry operates on a transnational scale, it is likely the parties involved may originate from different countries and - most crucially - speak different languages. Effective communication between disputing parties and the use of interpreters and translators is essential to provide solutions to such pressing problems. Litigation and arbitration proceedings are often the only means to a solution.

Our Japanese language shipping disputes translation service covers areas such as:

Pollution and Contamination

Marine Insurance

Shipping Investment Disputes

Marine casualty and admiralty dispute

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Disputes

Marine Casualties, and Piracy incidents

Oil companies

Shipbuilding Disputes

Offshore Energy Disputes

Cargo Transport

Incidents and disasters

Lighthouse Authorities

Port owners

Damage to vessels


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