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Japanese Nuclear Energy Interpreting Services

Discussions surrounding nuclear energy, and bio-nuclear energy, are becoming increasingly important, and nowhere more so than in Japan. Video conferences, diplomatic meetings and research conventions all require top-quality interpreting services to deal with compelling issues like these.

The Japanese Connection has an experienced and highly-skilled team of native-level Japanese interpreters with a background in environmental issues and the ability to deal with global issues such as nuclear energy. 

Conferences, both local and international, take place to discuss the future of this industry with regard to pertinent issues like climate change and alternative fuel sources. With experience and qualifications in this field, our Japanese language interpreters can provide a specialised interpreting service at such conferences and events.


Nuclear Energy & Japan

Japan has few natural resources of its own, and as such, it depends on imports for some 84% of its primary energy needs. Prior to the tsunami-triggered nuclear disaster in Fukushima in March 2011, Japan had over 50 active nuclear power plants, and Japan used nuclear technology to provide a substantial portion (almost 30%) of its total electricity production.

However, since 2011 the Japanese government has advocated a reduction in Japan’s dependency on nuclear energy, joining an ongoing global debate about the use of nuclear energy. Advocates of nuclear power, such as the World Nuclear Association, assert that nuclear energy is sustainable and a means of reducing carbon emissions. However, opponents of this view say that nuclear energy is a health threat to humans and the environment.

Our Japanese nuclear energy interpretation service can cover areas such as:

Nuclear fission

Nuclear physics

Nuclear weapon design

Nuclear fusion

Renewable energy

Advanced reactor design

Environmental engineering  

Industrial sector

Oil & gas industry

Nuclear engineering

Environmental issues

Plasma physics  

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