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Environmental technology, otherwise known as green or clean technology, is an industry at the forefront of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and low carbon emissions. It is an industry combining the disciplines of environmental science, and sustainable development with the commercial sector and the energy industry, to create a growing industry which has the potential to bring about massive developments in efficiency in the energy sector, as well as provide a greener economy.

Global trade and the use of the world's resources are increasingly motivated by and subject to technological innovation. International cooperation and development mean that multilingualism is increasingly important: raw materials purchased in one part of the world are often required in other parts. Conferences, marketing and PR all require a multitude of languages to maintain a truly global approach to research and development. The Japanese connection has the expertise, through our large network of Japanese interpreters and translators, to help clients with a wide range of translation and interpreting services.

About Environmental Technology in Japan

Japan, too, is involved in the development of environmental technologies. In June 2010, the Japanese government announced "The New Growth Strategy Blueprint for Revitalizing Japan," unveiling a strategic method to promote Japan as an environment and energy power, through the development of new environment-related markets worth ¥50 trillion. In addition to these ‘green markets,’ is the promoted use of Japanese technology in order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1.3 billion tons. Not only is this hoped to secure Japan’s place as a green economy, but also to inspire and stimulate the activities of Japanese companies abroad, particularly in Asia, where Japan has a strong base in environmental technology in areas such as electric power, water and energy.

Our Japanese environmental technology interpreting service covers areas such as:

Design & Manufacturing






Motor Vehicles


Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Medical Devices

Fluid Mechanics


Energy Conversion



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